Chris Cecil-Wright



I’ve always been fanatical about yachting. However, having spent the past 25 years buying, selling and building large yachts, I’ve come to appreciate that it isn’t just passion that drives this business, it’s the people. The builds of MADAME GU, TANGO and HAMPSHIRE II have been milestones in my career, but it’s the relationships behind those constructions that have really left their mark on me. Shipyard owners and CEOs, designers, captains, project managers, lawyers, bankers and of course the Owners, all play an integral role in a project, whether it’s a second-hand sale, purchase or new construction. Every completion ignites a shared sense of achievement. Ultimately, it’s about natural rapport and a mutual commitment to quality, integrity and authenticity. The Cecil Wright business is built on these principles and I look forward to developing our industry relationships further over the coming years. 

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